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A home security system can be one of the smartest additions you ever make to your home or business.

Most security systems consist of door and window sensors, motion sensors and a central keypad controller. The intruder alert and burglar alarms can easily be set and turned off from the main keypad controller. A safety protection monitoring plan with the security company is included as well.

There are some do it yourself wireless kits or self installed home alarm security systems you can purchase and put together yourself. The main difference between a self-installed wireless system and a security company product is the kits won't have a monitoring package available.

Some of the best protection companies to check out are:

LOREX Technology
Lorex Home Security ProductsWith nearly 9,000 retail locations across North America and is a premier manufacturer of business and consumer video surveillance security solutions. They manufacturer wired, wireless and Internet Protocol (IP) security surveillance equipment, including cameras, digital video recorders and all-in-one systems. Visit LOREX Technology

SmartHome offers a lot of cool electronic projects and gadgets for the home or small office, including home security wireless packages for under $300.
Self-installed wireless home security systems
Find out more about the wireless products at SmartHome

Another optional feature that some people like is when the homeowner is home and the alarm is not activated, there can still be a short system alert that will go off anytime a door is opened.

Security breaker

Wondering where to place your home control panel? Read a few tips on where to install your system's panel.
Home security systems and other security options you can consider for your house. You can choose from several good individual wireless monitoring, motion and surveillance products or complete wireless home security systems.
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A nice benefit of having a home security system is you can usually get a reduction on your homeowners insurance policy.

ADT home security systems come in different shape and sizes which helps you to prevent a crime from invading your home.
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