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Where Should You Place Your Home Security Control Panel?

When it comes to having a home security system installed, placing your control panel is a very important consideration. While you want the controls to be located in a convenient place, you also want them to be out of the way so that would-be burglars cannot access them.

The most common place to find security control panels is near the front door. Many homeowners choose to have them installed in a master bedroom so that the alarm can easily be set right before going to bed at night. You can choose to have different control panels installed in various locations around your home if you want sheer convenience.

Security control panes typically have displays that are built in. These displays will keep you informed of pertinent information regarding your home. If there is a door ajar or a window left open, the display will tell you. Depending on the company that installs your system and the specific system that you choose, you may also have a panic button on the control panel that will allow you to instantly contact rescue personnel or the fire or police departments if an issue arises. Some also offer built in speakerphones so you can communicate with personnel without actually having to reach your home phone.

Where Not to Place Your Control Panel

One place that you should never even consider for installing your control panel is outside of your home. This means any outdoor area or the garage. Your security system is meant to provide protection for your family. If you place your control panel outside the home, it is not conveniently in reach and it can be accessed by people who have no business accessing it. Here are a few reasons why keeping your control panel indoors is the best option:

  1. Weather – Snow, rain and extreme heat can cause issues with the control panel and the home security system in general. If you keep your control panel outside your home, the weather can cause the entire system to malfunction. The keypad could become damaged which may cause it to not work properly. This essentially negates the entire reason for having the alarm system installed in the first place.
  2. Outside Dangers – One of the reasons that you want a home security system is to keep yourself and your family safe from dangers that may be lurking outside your home. If you have to step outside in order to activate your security system, you are putting yourself directly in the path of those potential dangers. Would-be burglars could easily overtake you and enter your home and your security system will do you absolutely no good in this case.
  3. Neighbors – Ok, so your neighbors may be perfectly respectable people but you still do not want them to have access to your security system. This goes for the mailman, neighborhood children and anyone else who walks up your path. Keeping the control panel outdoors is simply not feasible and will do you no good at all if everyone in your neighborhood can access it.


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